Moorcroft Pathways Feasibility Study

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What is The Moorcroft Pathway Feasibility Study?

The Town of Moorcroft has received federal grant funding to perform a feasibility study of the community’s pathways. The study will take a closer look at the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramp upgrades needed on Big Horn Avenue, as well as updating the towns older pathway plan.

The Pathway Feasibility Study will analyze:

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Community needs and desires for potential pathway improvements

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Environmental and cultural impacts

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Potential right-of-way needs to construct improvements

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Other considerations provided by stakeholders and community members

The Moorcroft Feasibility Study will bring the infrastructure improvements to approximately 35% design level and highlight any potential conflicts to be mitigated prior to construction.

Existing Pathway Plan Map

This map shows the existing and potential future pathways and connections throughout the town. The orange dotted line on the map shows the future pathway projects from the previous Pathway Plan. The green dotted line shows potential additions to the updated pathway plan. The solid dark green line shows existing pathway that currently exist.

Map of bike path through nine phases

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Tell Us Your Thoughts!

Your feedback is important to the Town of Moorcroft. We want to make sure this Pathway Feasibility Study incorporates your needs and desires to better connect you to your destinations.